12 Herbs and Spices for Depression (and Resources)


My Journey with Depression

I never thought I would end up struggling with depression. I always considered myself an optimistic person, but looking back now, maybe I only thought that I was optimistic because nothing seriously negative had ever happened to me. 

I started my grown-up years thinking that if you worked hard, you could make your dreams come true. Then nasty people took my dream career away and didn’t get what they deserved. And I remained unemployed, despite my hard work ethic and stellar scholastic background. 

Then we tried to sell our house so we could move away from a city that was sucking away our souls, and we ended up having to foreclose. Then we moved to another state, far away from loved ones and had to live in a RV trailer…and I was still unemployed.

Somewhere in the mix, I had chronic migraines, and the doctors tried all sorts of pills, all of which had the side effect of making me actively depressed. I was also on pills for a genetic disorder, and the hormonal imbalances that occurred afterward included the strong symptoms of depression.

What was my Depression like?

I am sure everyone goes through depression differently. For me, my depression was my secret shame. I didn’t want anyone to know I was suffering, but at the same time, I really wanted someone to notice and comfort me. How conflicting. I would curl up in the fetal position in the shower and sob and cry until the water turned cold. My husband didn’t know what to do. 

Depression is a hard funk to get out of, but I am turning around. I started by researching and reading and I soon realized that the multiple pills I was taking for multiple things listed depression as a side effect. I went off them all. The DAY after going off my pills, I felt twinges of happiness again. It was amazing. I learned about herbal medicine and Real Food to balance my multiple issues. Check out my ‘About me‘ or ‘15 Herbs for Headaches‘ posts to learn about my recovery from migraines. 

This is still a process in my life. I don’t know if Depression ever really goes away, but I work at it, and I feel a bit better as the days go by. Writing and researching for this website have helped a lot. I have compiled a list of 12 Herbs and Spices that are possibly good for Depression. I haven’t tried them all yet, but I will be as time goes on. I thought that I would include the list, so that if you or anyone you know is going through depression, these might be good starting spots in your/their journey towards recovery.


12 Herbs and Spices for Depression:

  1. Nutmeg (link includes: medicinal info and culinary uses)
  2. Saffron (link includes: medicinal, culinary, and how to grow)
  3. Lemon Balm (link includes: medicinal information)
  4. Skullcap (link includes: how to grow and medicinal)
  5. Vervain  (link includes: how to grow and medicinal)
  6. Lavender  (link includes: how to grow and medicinal)
  7. St. John’s Wort  (link includes: how to grow and medicinal)
  8. Passionflower  (link includes: how to grow and medicinal)
  9. Hawthorn Berries (link includes medicinal information)
  10. Rosemary  (link includes: how to grow and medicinal)
  11. Licorice  (link includes: how to grow and medicinal)
  12. Borage  (link includes: how to grow and medicinal)


I am not a professional, and I have only tried a few of these so far for myself. My hope is that this list will give you a starting point.  To help you out even more, here are some more excellent resources on the subject of depression.

Depression Resources

  1. Some medicinal herbal tea suggestions for depression
  2. How to Love Someone with Depression (by the Darling Bakers)
  3. 5 Ways to Love Yourself through Depression (by the Darling Bakers)
  4. How to Overcome Depression Naturally (by Mary Vance, Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach)
  5. Learn how to manage the grief from losing loved ones from The Healthy Honeys


Finally, I recommend this fantastic book:

My friend and fellow writer Arianna Mullins, from And Here We Are has written a very beautiful, uplifting book about the hardships in life. Her book, Pruned: Blossoming Through Life’s Difficult Seasonsstarts out by talking about her own family’s hardships in life and how they got through it. It truly helps you connect to her and others who struggle through life. Her book talks about how to cope with life’s changes, how to find perspective, how to face your fears, and how to bond with your family and find joy. She ends each chapter with questions for reflection. I read her book and found my own peace and joy

I think this book would be a fantastic read for anyone who is going through hardships in life or suffering from (mild) depression. I also think this book would be an amazing support-group type book. By going through the questions at the end of each chapter with other people you trust, you might be able to work through your problems and become a stronger person in the end.

Arianna Mullins says it best when she wrote: “Knowing how to embrace change as an opportunity is critical to experiencing joy in life.” Her book has helped me find my inner optimism once again. If you are interested in learn more about her book or for purchasing her book, check it out here.




I hope all of this information helped. Thank you for reading. I love you all.


 12 Herbs and Spices for Depression






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