17 Perfect Pea Recipes

This is a list of 17 recipes that include peas. Now you can use peas from your garden in many delicious and healthy ways.

17 Perfect Pea Recipes

Spring time is here!

I don’t know about you, but spring time for me always means that most of my meals focus on two different vegetables: Asparagus and Peas. However, I always struggle coming up with fun meals that use these two veggies. I go crazy if I eat the same foods in the same way.  

This year is different. I am determined to eat Asparagus and Peas in a variety of fun, healthy recipes. I already wrote a post with 17 healthy Asparagus recipes. Now it’s time for Peas! These are all meals that use Sugar Snap Peas, Snow Peas, or some kind of variety of Pea pods. This does NOT include Chickpeas, Black-eyed Peas, etc. Those will be in a future post, I promise. 

One of the best ways to get fresh peas, of course, is to grow your own. Click here to see my post on How to Grow Peas. Peas are a delight in the garden; they are one of the first vegetables you can start eating and they are pretty easy to grow! I hope you give them a try in your gardens this year! 

17 Healthy and Perfect Pea Recipes

I worked hard to come up with pea recipes that were healthy and also gave me a variety of options. I refuse to eat simple steamed peas again. There is too much creativity in the world for plain, steamed peas! Here are the 17 healthy and perfect pea recipes that I found. Please feel free to comment below if you have another one. I might just add it!

*Simple Side Dishes*

 1. Spiced Peas and Carrots by Revived Kitchen


2. Buttery Minty Peas by Real Food Whole Health


3. Sugar Snap Peas in Lemon Butter Sauce by Whole Lifestyle Nutrition


*Soups and Salads*

4. Green Pea Soup by Grok Grub


6. Split Pea Soup with Bacon by Yogi Mami

pea soup bacon 

7. Hip Pea Power Bowl by Carla Golden Wellness

Pea Power Bowl 

8. Sugar Snap Pea and Fennel Salad by Gourmande in the Kitchen


*Breakfast Recipes*

9. Cream Cheese and Sweet Pea Omelet by Healthy Green Kitchen

pea omelet 

10. Chervil, Pea, and Feta Quiche by The Homestead Garden

Chervil Pea and Feta Quiche 

11. Pea and Goat Cheese Tart by Gourmande in the Kitchen


*Rice and Risotto*

12. Saffron Rice with Peas by The Nourishing Home

saffron-rice with peas 

13. English Pea Brown Rice Risotto by Veggie Converter

english pea Risotto 

14. Mushroom Risotto with Leeks and Sweet Peas by Tasty Yummies

mushroom risotto 

*Main Meals*

15. Chinese Beef Broccoli and Snow Peas by Good Food Eating


16. Baked Spicy Shrimp and Sugar Snap Peas by Meatified


17. Gobi Matar at Thank Your Body

gobi matar

Which Pea Recipe are YOU going to try first?!

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