6 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

6 gift ideas for gardeners fb

It’s that time of year. Time to think about clever, cute, and/or funny gift ideas for your loved ones (or for yourself!). Here is a list of 6 gift ideas for gardeners. I tried to focus on just a few very specific gift ideas that I think gardeners will LOVE. Feel free to add other ideas in the comment section! 🙂

1. The Ultimate Garden Tool Set

What gardener could resist a garden tool set (like this one), that comes with all the tools needed to garden and a nifty bag to carry it all (and keep it organized!). I drooled when I saw the one pictured below:

gifts for gardeners garden tool kit

2. Garden Gloves

Most gardeners I know are super fussy about their garden gloves. So you might want to ask them what type they prefer. These garden gloves are the ones that I personally use. I *love* that they are snug on my hands, and the plastic fingertips keep me from getting poked by thorns. I went through about 10 pairs of gloves this year, so a large pack of gloves are very much appreciated by true gardeners. If you’re looking for a more funky pattern, these garden gloves are super cute. I might get them for myself this year! Finally, want a more…humorous pair of garden gloves? I think these badger gloves (pictured below) are hilarious. Practically guaranteed to get a laugh from your gardener friend.

gifts for gardeners badger gloves

3. A Garden Harvesting Basket

Confession: I am a bit obsessed with garden baskets! I’m also picky: they need to be cute and practical. I think the best baskets for harvesting the garden are shallow with a good handle. I think this garden basket is uber cute (pictured below), and I’m totally buying one for myself. Of course, you can always try thrift stores for some garden baskets, too! And you may as well buy some seeds, garden tools, etc. to put IN the basket! 🙂

gifts for gardeners garden basket

4. A Garden Gift Card

Every year, I have a strict budget for my garden purchases. It is always difficult to stay within that budget. So why not make your gardening friends happy with a garden gift card? Anything to help with the purchase of new plants/seeds! 🙂 This website has some great options for gardening gift cards, plus, you can see all the amazing seed options they have. I love it!

5. Garden Planner and Pencils

Okay, let’s talk about these garden pencils first (pictured below). I think it’s the cutest gardening gift idea. Or maybe a stocking stuffer. They start out as normal pencils, perfect for writing notes about gardening. Then, when they are just nubs, you apparently plant them because there are seeds in the ends! I haven’t tried them yet, but they are on my OWN Christmas list (okay, most of this post is on my list…).

Now that you have some cute gardening pencils, I think your gardening friend will LOVE this garden planner. It’s perfect for people who struggle with organization in the garden. I am not the type to struggle with garden organization, my proof being my post on how I plan my garden. However, I’m pretty rare in that way. I *know* most gardeners will find this garden planner super helpful.

gifts for gardeners garden pencils

6. Gardening/Homesteading Books

I am pretty fussy about the few books that I own. I’m not big on owning stuff, so I rarely buy new books. These five books are ones that I personally LOVE. I am only mentioning the gardening books that I know are awesome. So here we go:

  • The Suburban Micro-Farm by Amy Stross: This gardening book is AMAZING! I did a review of it here. It’s an excellent ‘go-to’ gardening book for new gardening ideas, gardening organization tips, and tips on how to garden even when you’re busy. I love it!
  • Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham: This is an excellent book for beginner gardeners. The photos are absolutely beautiful. The information is awesome, too. I LOVED the sections on square foot gardening and the DIY trellis ideas. 
  • The Backyard Homestead: produce all of the food you need on just a quarter acre! by Carleen Madigan: This is another great beginner gardener book. I would consider this book one of the great influencers on my life. It gives you info on gardening veggies, fruits, and herbs, as well as little bits of having chickens, ducks, rabbits, and other livestock. It made me realize all of the things I can do on just a little bit of property. It’s a very handy book!
  • Natural Homestead: 40+ Recipes for Natural Critters and Crops by Jill Winger: This book is again great for both gardeners and homesteaders. It’s loaded with great natural recipes and solutions for your homestead and garden. 
  • The Elliott Homestead: The Family Table by Shaye Elliott: This is a NEW book this year, but I got to sneak some peeks at the material. The author has her own homestead and garden, and uses the food from her homestead in most of these recipes. It’s a great inspiration book for gardeners to see what they can cook with their produce. Plus, there are some great photos in here. 


So there you go! Here are 6 awesome gift ideas for gardeners. Again, please let me know about some other ideas in the comment section below! I hoped that I inspired you for gift ideas for your loved ones (or for yourself!).


6 gift ideas for Gardeners


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