Dandelion Root Herbal Coffee Recipe
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Dandelion Root Herbal Coffee Recipe

This article includes a recipe for dandelion root herbal coffee, which combines dandelion root with burdock root, chicory root, and spices to make a roasted, delicious “coffee” tasting beverage that is perfect for afternoons when you don’t want caffeine, or if you want to break a coffee addiction, or if you love herbal beverages that…

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The Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide

If you’ve got an herbalist in your friends and family circle, and you need some ideas for what herbalist gifts to give them, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered together everything I could think of for the Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide.  Note: when make this herbalist gift guide, I was careful to be…


Why Digestive Bitters are Important (plus a recipe)

Digestive Bitters are a popular herbal remedy right now, and for a good reason. Let’s take a closer look at why digestive bitters are important, what they are, some common digestive bitter herbs, a digestive bitters recipe, and, finally, a book review for Healing Herbal Infusions by Colleen Codekas. Why Digestive Bitters are Important  I recently…