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The Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide

If you’ve got an herbalist in your friends and family circle, and you need some ideas for what herbalist gifts to give them, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered together everything I could think of for the Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide.  Note: when make this herbalist gift guide, I was careful to be…



Herbal Teas Depression is a serious problem for many people today. There are some herbal teas that should help bring cheer to the depressed. However, please note that depression is best cured in combination with doctors, exercise, etc. Here are some combinations of herbs to make the best herbal teas for depression: *lavender flower infusion,…


Lavender Cookies

Lavender isn’t used much in cooking by anyone besides dedicated herbalists. But there are so many delicious sounding recipes! I can’t wait to have enough lavender growing in my yard so that I can try making these interesting cookies… Lavender Cookies Ingredients: *1/2 cup butter *1/4 cup superfine sugar *3/4 cup self-raising flour *2 tbsp….


Medicinal Uses of Lavender

  The scent of lavender has long been known to promote relaxation. Inhaling lavender’s essential oils helps ease anxiety and improves feelings of calmness and well-being in stressful situations. Research also proves that lavender reduces the body’s production of the stress hormone called cortisol. Lavender can also be taken to get rid of stress-related headaches….


Medicinal Uses of Chamomile

  Chamomile’s highly scented flowers possess powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. If taken as an infused herbal tea, it can help with a number of problems: improving appetite, easing anxiety, lessening tension headaches, calming and healing the stomach after nausea, relaxing the body to get rid of insomnia issues, and calming children with teething problems….


Valerian: good for the central nervous system

Valerian is a strong medicinal herb for the central nervous system. It is good as a sedative for insomnia, helps with sudden emotional distress, headaches, intestinal cramps, nervous exhaustion, and as a pain reliever. Since you use the root of Valerian for medicinal purposes, you do not make an infusion tea with it, but rather…