How “Crunchy” is your Bathroom? Take the Quiz!

 How crunchy is your bathroom? Take this quiz to find out how you compare and what you can do to make a healthier, happier bathroom.

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Everyone is at a different place in their quest to become more “crunchy” in the home.* 

Very recently, my husband and I bought a new house and I started making a list of how to make my new bathroom a more healthy and non-toxic environment in our home. That resulted in me wondering how crunchy I am compared to others when it comes to bathrooms, and thus, a quiz was made! 

Take this quiz and find out: how “crunchy” is your bathroom?! My own results are at the bottom!


How Crunchy is Your Bathroom?

Give yourself 1 point for each question that applies to you and total your score at the bottom!


 You know your bathroom is crunchy when…

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

1. You don’t even think about using bleach to get rid of mold! (You use something like this instead)

2. You make your own handsoap.

3. You make your own bathtub cleaner to keep away the toxins in normal bathtub cleaning products.

4. You make toilet bombs!

5. You would never allow air freshener sprays to enter your bathroom…unless you made your own non-toxic ones.

6. You make your own alcohol-free hand sanitzer.

Medicine Cabinet

7. First and foremost, your “medicine cabinet” consists mainly of Essential Oils and/or Medicinal Herbs.

8. You have Coconut Oil in your bathroom, for both medicinal purposes as well as TONS of other bathroom-related things.

9. Your bathroom contains witch hazel, for concerns ranging from scrapes, bruises, sunburn, and many other medicinal reasons.

10. Your medicine cabinet/bathroom contains bentonite clay for many medicinal, detox, and beauty purposes.

11. Got ear infections? The flu? Yeast infections? Something else wrong? The first thing you do is reach for the colloidal silver.

12. Your whole family takes Cod Liver Oil every day to strengthen the immune system.

13. For every day scrapes, bug bites, burns, and cuts, instead of grabbing the Neosporin and Benadryl, you reach for your homemade bug bite salve, burn salve, homemade calamine lotion, and/or serums.

14. For sinus infections, you often reach for the neti pot.

Toilet Stuff

 15. You have put essential oil drops into the cardboard tube in the center of the toilet paper roll before.

16. In order to save toilet paper and have a healthier bottom, you own a bidet.

17. You own a Squatty Potty.

18. You know what “family cloth” is. (BONUS: Your family actively uses family cloth!)

19. Instead of tampons, you use menstrual cups. (BONUS: You have had your toddlers think the menstrual cup is a bath toy!)

Makeup/Beauty Supplies

 20. Instead of soap, you clean your face by doing oil washing.

21. You make your own deodorant to avoid store-bought deodorants with their toxins and chemicals.

22. You clean your face and body with homemade facial and body scrubs.

23. You also clean your face with homemade facial masks made with common kitchen items.

24. As far as makeup goes, you either don’t wear any, you buy natural makeup products, or you make your own makeup including: foundation, mascara, and lip gloss.

25. You also make your own hair spray and hair mousse to avoid those chemical-laden ones at the store.

26. You clean and refreshed your face with homemade facial toner.

27. You get rid of blackheads with homemade pore strips.

28. Instead of chemically-toxic hair dyes, you dye your hair with coffee, henna, or other natural alternative hair dyes.

29. You are having such a love-affair with essential oils, you started making your own perfume!

Bath and Shower time

30. Before you shower, you start by doing dry brushing on your skin (BONUS:  you know all the benefits of dry brushing already!).

31. You actively participate in ‘No Poo‘ hair cleaning, or you have at least strongly considered doing it.

32. You have made your own shampoo before (like this recipe or this one).

33. You make your own shower soothers.

34. When you take a bath, you usually take hormone balancing baths or detox baths (BONUS: you give your kid a detox bath too!).

35. You make your own shower gel.

Oral Hygiene

 36. You clean your toothbrush with essential oils.

37. Disgusted with the chemicals in store toothpaste, you started making your own toothpaste and find it’s way better.

38. You started making your own mouthwash to freshen your breath as well as whiten your teeth.

39. You not only know what oil pulling is, you actively do it!

40. When you start thinking you are getting a cavity, you try natural solutions to get rid of your cavity first BEFORE going to the dentist!


 41. You make your own laundry detergent: not only is it healthier and more green, it is also cheaper!

42. Not only do you know what soap nuts are, you have used them at least once for doing laundry.

43. You use a homemade non-toxic alternative to dryer sheets (including dryer wool balls, making your own dryer sheets, etc.).

44. When your laundry has stubborn stains on it, you reach for your homemade laundry spot remover.

45. Instead of reaching for those chemically-toxic fabric softeners, you grab either plain ole’ white vinegar or your own homemade fabric softener.


 46. You know you’re crunchy when your spouse complains about the glass jars (full of homemade stuff) in the shower!

47. Your bathroom contains mainly kitchen items including: coconut oil, baking soda, honey, olive oil, and/or even tallow!

48. You’ve made your own…personal lubricant!


Tally up your score!

If you scored:

0-9 points:

**You are basically mainstream. You are mainly lacking in having the “crunchy” bathroom area of your home. No worries! Now you know some areas to improve!

10-20 points:

**You have a basic knowledge about how to make your bathroom a healthier place. You are curious enough about the crunchy life so that you have some articles bookmarked on your computer. However, at the same time, you are hesitant about it because you worry that once you start making your bathroom crunchy, you might not stop until you hit perfection! It is certainly addicting to try and make a healthier bathroom in your home!

 21-35 points:

 **You have a pretty crunchy bathroom. You have started getting more of the obsession towards having a healthy bathroom and home. The “crunch bug” has bitten, and you are striving more and more towards a healthier home for your family. You probably already have ideas for what to improve next. You are so close! Keep working on it!

 36 or above:

 **AMAZING!! You spend much of your time trying to figure out how to make your bathroom (and probably the rest of your home!) as healthy and safe as possible for the well-being of your family. However, you also often struggle with trying not to judge other peoples’ bathrooms compared to your own. Careful with that! Instead, remain proud of your own crunchy bathroom and relax, you are very free of  toxins and chemicals in your bathroom! Kudos! Reward yourself with a lovely detox bath! :)


If you were wondering, I scored a ’21’. Yikes! I need to get work on my bathroom now…. :)

 How Crunchy is Your Bathroom

*In this instance, “crunchy” means the quest toward holistic and green living. 


For further reading:

**Check out Back at the Ranch for some info on Why You Should Make DIY Bath and Beauty Products

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