*Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

*Most Americans consider dandelion a pesty weed. What they don’t realize is that dandelion is one of the BEST nutritional and medicinal plants!
*best in zones 3-9

Parts Used:
*whole plant, fresh or dried (flower does not dry well)

*full sun to partial shade
*no special soil needs

*easy to grow from seed, will germinate with no special treatment, but if you do cold stratification first, there is almost a 90% success rate
*you can sow directly into the garden

*if self sows vigorously, so keep it in check: harvest before it self seeds for best results

*You can harvest the whole plant at once, or if interested in only the roots (the strongest medicinal part), use a garden fork to gently pry the plant from the ground. The roots are best harvested in early spring or late fall
*If you are harvesting the whole plant, you can harvest at any time (you do not have to wait until early spring or late fall for the roots)
*Harvest the leaves and flowers at any time
*It is easiest to dig up the whole plant in spring

*restorative and rejuvenating, a whole body tonic
*medicinal value for almost every body system, especially the liver, urinary tract, and skin
*it is highly effective and very safe to use
*good for constipation, kidney problems, treating warts, and coughs
*it is a blood cleanser, high in vitamins A,B,C, and D, removes toxins from the body, high levels of potassium, good for gallbladder conditions, and digestion

*both the leaves and roots have long been eaten as a highly nutritious salad.
*the roots, when dried, chopped and roasted, is an excellent substitute for coffee
*the flowers make a famous and delicious dandelion wine


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  1. Hi,
    I love your site! I was wondering if you ever tried or heard of a Chilean herb called pollo ! I am trying to find it here in the states or try to order it ! This herb has a lot of different properties that can help so meany ! I found out about this from my Mother in-law she is from Chile and she has tried this herb and she said it works for her but she can’t find it here. If you know of this herb or know were to get it ! I would appreciate hearing from you!
    Thank you so much,

  2. I LOVE your site. You have so much helpful information. Perhaps you know what pest destroyed the few Borage plants that I put in this year. This is my first year planing Borage and started some from seed in the early Spring in my dining room along with the forest of other garden goodies.

    Now my Borage is covered in holes and there is evidence of little black eggs on the underside of the leaves. I’d truly appreciate any knowledge you can offer.

    Thank you for sharing so much helpful information and God Bless your beautiful spirit.

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