Herbal Teas

Depression is a serious problem for many people today. There are some herbal teas that should help bring cheer to the depressed. However, please note that depression is best cured in combination with doctors, exercise, etc.

Here are some combinations of herbs to make the best herbal teas for depression:

*lavender flower infusion, taken 3 times a day
*lavender and rosemary infusion, taken 3 times a day
*any combination of lavender, rosemary, and skullcap, 3 times a day
*vervain, taken 3 times a day
*vervain and skullcap, taken 3 times a day

Herbal tea infusion:
*Use 1-3 tsp. of dired herb or 1-3 tbsp. fresh herb per 1 cup boiling water. Let it steep for 20-30 minutes, strain and sip slowly.


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