DIY Garden Trellis

DIY Garden Trellis (on a Budget!)

Do you have a gardening budget? I try very hard to keep true to a tight gardening budget. I know that I am so in love with gardening that if I’m not careful, I could spend lots and lots of money on things for my garden. This year is my first year at our new home, and as many homeowners can understand, first years in a new home can be super expensive! This is also true for first gardens.

Since we live in South Carolina, a land of orange clay, I knew we were going to need to garden with raised beds. After buying supplies for raised beds, buying compost, mulch, seeds, etc., I quickly got to the end of my garden budget for the year.

The problem? I still needed some garden trellises for my plants! I’m growing pole beans, pickles/cucumbers, and peas in my garden, and they are all much happier on trellises. So I figured out how to make some DIY Garden trellis designs with the supplies that we had on hand or that came with our property. I made all of my garden trellises for a grand total of $20.00! Woo hoo! Click here to read my article on a DIY Garden Trellis.

Check out my guest post at the super amazing Attainable Sustainable to learn how to make your own DIY Garden Trellis (on a Budget!)…


DIY Garden Trellis Idea (on a Budget!)

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