Which Essential Oil Company is the best?!

Which company has the best oils and the best deals? I’ve tried them all and I’ll share my experience of which essential oil company is best.

Which Essential Oil Company is the Best?!

Which Essential Oil Company is the Best?

NOTE: This post has been updated in Dec. 2017 to show my new opinions on essential oil companies. I find that it is a good practice to always research and observe things, and I have no qualms about changing my opinions on things when/if new information comes my way…

Ah yes, a BIG question: which essential oil company is the best?

I have spent much time over the past few years researching essential oils and watching people join different companies.

Here is what I have discovered: just like politics and religion, essential oils can be a hot topic that boils over into fighting and drama. Well, I don’t like drama. If you ever tried to talk to me about politics or religion, you would get bored by my droll and realistic historical analysis of those topics and it goes the same with essential oils.

My plea with you is that before you buy ANY Essential Oils, PLEASE do personal research on them! Don’t blindly accept the words of anyone about essential oils.

I have researched essential oils until I felt like my eyeballs were going to bleed. I have pored over books, company websites, bloggers posts, and even comments and reviews in posts and on websites. They all say different things about Essential Oils and Essential Oil Companies and it can make your brain explode.

I have decided that Essential Oils are metaphorically like a pair of jeans. Sometimes, jeans from the most expensive store are the best quality and style for you and they fit JUST right. Sometimes, jeans from the cheap stores or middle-class stores fit you JUST right. But they might not fit your friends just right. Sometimes, you have to shop for a LONG time before you finally find the “perfect” jeans for you.


See what I’m saying here?

1. Research Essential Oils and Essential Oil Companies by you and for you. Pay attention to reviews by other people, but also make your own choice.

2. Choose an essential oil to try from a specific company. If it doesn’t help you, try the same essential oil from a different company! Or try a different essential oil for the same health issue!


Here are some things to keep in mind when researching Essential Oil companies:

  1. Many EO companies dilute their EOs or use improper distillation practices. Therefore, look for words on the essential oil bottles like “100% steam distilled” or “certified pure” or “100% Pure Essential Oil” or “therapeutic grade”, etc.
  2.  Some companies (Young Living and doTERRA, for example) that will state that it is safe to take essential oils internally. Most companies will have warnings saying not to do this. Does this mean that Young Living and doTERRA are the only good companies? There is a lot of stuff written on the subject out in internet land, and it is hard to find the facts out of it. Please research this “internal use” topic for yourselves and come to your own conclusion on the matter.
  3. Look for an Essential Oil company that has a good and responsive customer service, and a good website is a clue to their professionalism as well!
  4. Look for an Essential Oil company that will provide data, has a good reputation/reviews, and shows their background in aromatherapy/essential oils.
  5. Look for info on your essential oil such as: Latin name of plant, country of origin, type of extraction, how it was grown, etc. If it’s not there, contact their customer service and ask questions!
  6. Sometimes, it helps to compare/contrast the same essential oil from different companies to figure out which company you prefer. That can get expensive, though! However, I did this with Lavender EO from 3 different companies that I had narrowed down through research and figured out which EO company I preferred from doing a smell test with the 3 lavender EOs as well as trying them out medicinally. It is helpful to compare EOs in this way!


After I researched essential oils, I came up with some decisions for my household.

I am sharing my decisions with you, but PLEASE make sure you research EOs for yourself!

Also, I am NOT saying that my decisions are the “only” good ones. They are just the best decisions for my household.

[Updated December 2017]

1. I have currently decided to support and purchase most of my essential oils from Plant Therapy.


a) I read articles and websites from many aromatherapists, many of whom I know and respect, and many of them prefer using Plant Therapy essential oils.

b) I joined some science-based facebook groups and forums that do lab tests for purity on essential oils from many different essential oil companies and then they share those reports with everyone. Plant Therapy essential oils have always done very well in those tests.

c) I like the prices of Plant Therapy essential oils. They are not ridiculously expensive, however, they aren’t so cheap that I raise my eyebrow at possible quality issues.

d) I love the smell of Plant Therapy essential oils. I also love their synergy blends, especially the sleep aid essential oil blend, which helps me fall asleep easier than any other essential oil blend from other companies. Ooh, and their tranquil essential oil, which includes grapefruit, my favorite scent, and makes my baths SUPER relaxing.

There are many other reasons that I love Plant Therapy essential oils….and if you want to talk about them, feel free to leave some comments or email me! Check out my post on How to Buy Essential Oils for some tips on what essential oils to buy first as well as some ideas for great essential oil books.


**In the meantime, I am NOT an essential oil company “loyalist”. I am willing to try different companies if I feel like my research in them makes me confident in their essential oils.

**At the end of the day, essential oils are an amazing tool for anyone who is trying to make a more natural and non-toxic home. I hope everyone remembers that essential oils and their possibilities in our homes is something to be excited about and NOT to fight about!

I hope you enjoyed my post. :)

Which Essential Oil Company is Best?!


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  1. Hi Chris, i enjoy reading your blog on “Which Essential Oil Company is the right one.” I came across Hyssop while reading Psalm 51:7, and came across the word Hyssop. It is exactly what i am looking for that will help me with a few issues that i am having. Thank you for your insight regarding different companies, I try to research everything and i also ask questions to those i am buying my supplements/oils etc. There is so much to learn and i will be using your blog to check out the information that you have found. I still plan to do more research on my side but it helps to have someone who has done the research. I can compare your findings with the findings that i fine.

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