essentialoilsWhy do I use Essential Oils?

**I have been keen on natural alternative medicine for quite a few years now. As stated in my About Me section, I used to suffer from intense migraines and headaches all the time. Herbs from my garden brought me relief, while pills had severe side effects.

**I am not saying that pills do not have their place in medicine, however, whenever possible, I desire to find a safe and natural way to heal myself and my family.

**Medicinal herbs still have a place in my medicine cabinet, however, sometimes, it is nice to have a stronger form of them. Peppermint tea made from my herbs helps get rid of my headaches, however, I can also rub ONE drop of peppermint essential oil on my forehead to ease my headaches as well. Peppermint essential oil gets rid of my headache in one minute, while Peppermint herbal tea can take all day to ease my pain. They both have their merits, but it’s nice to be able to carry Peppermint Essential Oil with me when I go out of the home.



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