Four Herbal Teas, Two Herbs

Herbal Teas 
Trying to come up with more herbal tea ideas? Here are a few more ways I use lemon balm and lavender in my beverages. Both herbs produce a relaxing effect that helps me sleep at night and also helps me keep an edge off my stress levels after a crazy work day… 

1) Lemon Balm Tea with Milk
*steep lemon balm leaves in hot milk for five minutes, strain out leaves, and add 1 tsp maple syrup. This makes a delicious, relaxing bedtime drink
*1-3 tsp. dried leaves or 1-3 tbsp. fresh leaves per cup of milk. 

2) Lemon Balm with your favorite loose leaf tea
*Lemon balm leaves can be combined with Earl Grey, green or black tea. Fresh leaves are best for tea.
3) Lavender with your favorite loose leaf tea
*1 teaspoon dried lavender flowers (English lavender)
*1 tablespoon English Breakfast tea
*a dash of fresh lemon
*sugar or honey to taste

*To prepare, pour two cups of boiling water over the tea leaves and lavender and allow to steep for five to ten minutes. Add lemon, strain, add sugar or honey to taste.

4) Lavender & Black Tea Infused Milk
*1 tsp. dried lavender blossoms
*1 Tbsp. black tea (darjeeling, english breakfast, earl grey)
*1.5 cups whole milk

*Put all of the above in a small saucepan and starting at medium heat, bring slowly to warmth, removing from heat before boiling/simmering. You will see a softening, frothiness around the edge of the milk, and a gentle steam will be rising from the milk. Add honey if desired!

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