Friday Favorites #1

Friday Favorites

I decided to try something new for Fridays: I am going to link up to a whole bunch of articles that I read this week and that I found interesting!

This is a list of my ‘Friday Favorites‘, a Friday post tradition that I am hoping to continue throughout the year. This is my first one, so let’s get started!


Friday Favorites: New Years Posts and Detox Posts

Most people make New Years Resolutions at the beginning of each year. If you are one of those people, and you often struggle at keeping those resolutions, check out these 10 tips for keeping New Year Resolutions

There is always a lot of talk about detoxing after the holidays. There are some awesome posts out there on different ways to detox. For example you can detox with bentonite clay. You can also detox with nice baths. You can also detox with a turmeric tea, that is loaded with not only turmeric, but also cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper. You can also just follow 13 tips for simple detoxing, if you want some general ideas on how to help your body.


Friday Favorites: Your Body and Your Home

I am sure we all desire natural ways to improve our bodies. Sickness is going around like crazy right now, and it’s always nice to find one or two homemade cough drop recipes. If you already have some homemade cough drops, maybe you are in need of a homemade vapor rub instead. Maybe, instead of being sick, you are just in pain. Did you know that there are some natural alternatives to ibuprofen?

Other good posts that I found this week on helping out your body focused on beauty tips. For example, I know that I at least have issues with keeping my hair healthy, so this post was quite helpful. Also, it can be hard to keep my hands soft during the winter, so this homemade recipe for soft hands was very informative.

There were also a whole bunch of good posts on how to make homemade cleaning supplies for the home. I am super excited to dust my home with this homemade cleaner, as well as perhaps getting bold enough to make my own laundry soap. I was also intrigued by this homemade toothpaste recipe, and finally, there was this post on 10 homemade cleaning supplies for the home.


Friday Favorites: Food Recipes

My mouth waters plenty when I find good food recipes. I knew that I just HAD to share them with my readers. 

First, I am obsessed with soup. I LOVE finding new soup recipes to try out. This Broccoli Cheese Soup made me super happy because there is NO processed cheese junk in it! Once I buy this immersion blender, I look forward to trying this Carrot Soup as well.

There are some delicious main dishes that I have found this week as well. For example, this Roasted Chicken recipe that has thyme and ginger in the marinade. Yum! I also found this delicious Pork Chops with Grapes recipe that has rosemary and sage in it. Finally, I found these super yummy Asian Meatballs that I cannot wait to try.


Of course, there were countless other recipes that I found this week that were not main meals. For example, I am super excited to try this homemade soda with kefir grains recipe. I also found a Ginger Snap Cookie recipe that made me drool a little bit as well as a healthy recipe for chocolate cravings.



Friday Favorites: Kid Inspiration

I thought I would end with some posts that I found about kids that I found pretty interesting. I do not have kids myself, but I still enjoyed reading these articles, so I thought I would share them with you. First, if you have picky eaters, I found THREE articles on that topic this week! Here is one, two, and three. What do you think about the articles? Did they have good advice for you on picky eating kiddos?

I also found some miscellaneous articles on kids. One of them was about Cleaning Up strategies that I found interesting. Another was on Urban Farming for Kids, and another was on travel snacks for kids.


I hope you enjoyed my Friday Favorites. Please feel free to leave more posts in the comment section if you found a post or two that you really enjoyed this week. 

Much love from The Homestead Garden!

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