Friday Favorites #3


Welcome to another of my Friday Favorites!

As usual, the magical ways of the Internet has introduced me to many new, fantastic posts this week that I want to share with you all. I have put them in three categories: Natural Living, Real Food, and Round ups.


And now, let’s check them out:

Natural Living Favorites:

Since it is winter, many of us are still fighting sicknesses. I found a few amazing posts about illness this week, including one on growing your own medicine cabinet and one on how to prevent the flu naturally. There was also a great post about insomnia that I found very interesting. In addition, there was also a great post on oil pulling, which is something that I have been experimenting with myself (and my teeth haven’t even been this clean-feeling before!). I also found a great post on how to use lemon essential oil that I loved, since I am always trying to learn more about essential oils.

Of course, natural living isn’t just about health, there are other focuses in this category as well. I read a great article on the pros and cons of cravings as well as another article on the issues of calorie counting. There was also an interesting article on building harmony and cooperation through family meetings. Finally, I read a very intriguing article that compared fiddler on the roof Russian Jews with modern farmers. It was a very creative comparison, and I would love to know what you thought about it in the comment section below.


Real Food Favorites:

To start out this category, I found an excellent article on making duck prosciutto. I cannot wait to own my own ducks someday! I am always trying to find new healthy breakfast ideas, and I am intrigued by this coconut lime paleo yogurt recipe. Finally, there were two amazingly delicious desserts that I found this week: a chocolate tart recipe and a chocolate hawthorn cake recipe.


Round up Favorites:

I found a whole bunch of round up posts this week. Round ups, by the way, are posts with tons of links to other posts that focus on a similar topic. Here is list a of fantastic round ups that you should check out and pin on Pinterest for later. I love round ups!

  1. Natural Cold/Flu remedies
  2. 11 Ways to Make your own Deodorant
  3. The Best Do-it-yourself Natural Skin Care Posts
  4. 12 Asian-Inspired Paleo/Primal Recipes
  5. 21 Healthy, Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes
  6. Favorite Vitamix Recipes
  7. 20 Real Food Treats
  8. 32 Cauliflower Grain Free Recipes
  9. Best Ways to Use Leftover Eggs
  10. Winter Produce Guide
  11. Paleo Recipe Round up
  12. How 7 Women lost Weight on Different Real Food Diets


There you go! I hope you enjoyed my Friday Favorites #3! Please feel free to add your favorite posts of the week in the comment section below. If I like it, I might just add it to this list! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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