Friday Favorites #4

Friday Favorites

Welcome to another of my Friday Favorites.

As usual, this is when I share with you a whole bunch of awesome posts that I found and read this week. I am a big fan to spreading good reading material to anyone who will listen to me, and these particular posts are super amazing. You can tell that these writers poured their hearts and hard work into what they are writing. I respect that and I hope you do too!

I have categorized my favorite posts of the week into three main sections: Food, Homestead/Gardening, and Beauty. I hope you enjoy reading these articles. As always, if you have a suggestion for me to read, even if it is your own work, please leave a link in the comment section below, and I will read it and possibly include it in my next week’s favorites! Enjoy!


There were plenty of breakfast foods that I thought looked delicious this week. I found a very interesting chocolate chip buckwheat sourdough pancake recipe that combines two of my favorite things: sourdough and chocolate into an interesting breakfast combination. Needless to say, this is on my list of foods to try soon. There was also an intriguing sweet potato breakfast cookie recipe that piqued my interest: it’s not every day that the words ‘sweet potato’, ‘breakfast’, and ‘cookie’ are used to describe the same thing. I also found some recipes for making my own energy bars as well as coconut peanut butter, both of which sound super yummy.

I also found a few super awesome dinner ideas. First and foremost, we all know by now that I have an addiction to soup. So I was pretty excited to find yet another round-up post with 45 soup recipes in it! Speaking of soup, one key ingredient in most soup recipes is a good-quality broth. I haven’t tried to do this yet, but it’s on my list: it is quite simple to make your own homemade vegetable broth. I also read some good stuff about the importance of adding bone broth into your daily diet.

Okay, okay, I should add some other excellent food posts in here that are NOT soups. Fortunately, I am almost as obsessed with mushrooms as I am with soup, so this porkchops mushroom and leeks in cream sauce recipe got me drooling a bit. I have added it to my ever-expanding list of recipes to try. Yum. I also found this post about chicken roasts, and I found it quite delightful. I hope you give it a read.

To finish off the food category, I leave you with these delicious-looking lemon recipes. As Valentine’s Day draws near, sometimes there is an overload of chocolate recipes out there. Sometimes, it’s nice to consider non-chocolate desserts as well. If I don’t want chocolate desserts, lemon ones are a very close second place. I look forward to trying this paleo lemon-blueberry poke cake recipe. Finally, if you buy lemons for either of these desserts and have extra left, you can also check out this recipe for preserving lemons. Yum.


My favorite time of the year is coming up quick: GARDENING TIME! From now on, I can almost guarantee that any gardening post I read will be on my Friday Favorites list. This is my true passion, people. To start, I read this excellent post on the Top 10 Reasons to Grow a Garden. I also read this post on the Top 10 Gardening Items. It can be overwhelming to figure out what you need to start gardening, so this post was quite helpful. There was also a great post on how to save tomato seeds, which is a good thing to think about when you are about to buy seeds for the coming year. Heirloom seeds are the way to go if you want to collect future seeds for future gardens! Finally, since I hope to own sheep someday, I found this tutorial on How to Butcher a Lamb very informative. It has been saved for future use.


There were a few beauty posts that I found interesting this week. For a gal like me who does not do any beauty routine things, these posts made me consider giving it a try. For example, this natural facial toner is so easy and simple, I can make some of it today, because I own the ingredients. I also was very interested in this homemade face lotion as well as this miracle cream. Perhaps I will make them soon and try them out. Do YOU make your own beauty products? 

There it is, everyone! My list of favorite posts for the week. Again, if you have a favorite post of the week and want to share it with me, I would be delighted. Leave a link in the comment section below and I will check it out! I LOVE learning and reading!

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