Friday Favorites #5

Friday Favorites


Welcome to another Friday Favorites!

This is, of course, where I write about a bunch of awesome posts that I have read this week somewhere in internet-land. This week’s posts were easy to merge into three nice categories: food, health and beauty, and opinions/personal. Let’s get started, shall we?


My Favorite Food Posts of the Week:

This week’s food recipe posts were all over the place. First, of course, are some soups that I found this week. The first yummy soup recipe was this Tom-Yung-Goong soup, a Thai Seafood soup that made my mouth water. I hope to try it next week! I also found this healthy creamy carrot quinoa soup, and since I LOVE carrots AND quinoa, it seems like a no-brainer that this soup will end up on our meal plan soon.

I also found a few delicious beverages this week. There was this delicious strawberry lemonade recipe, it brilliantly uses coconut water in it to make it healthy! Just looking at the pictures makes me feel slightly refreshed. I cannot wait to try it out! I also found this peanut butter and jelly smoothie recipe. I am intrigued. I just started venturing into non-traditional smoothies with a peanut butter/banana/chocolate smoothie this morning, so once I feel daring again, I guarantee that this peanut butter and jelly smoothie will be next up!

Of course, for those mornings that smoothies do not sound good, I  might try this coconut flour chocolate muffin recipe. I bought coconut flour recently, and I am trying to find a bunch of recipes to try that use it. This one got my attention!

Finally, I found some great wild game recipes. I am a huge fan of venison, so when I found this venison goulash soup, I was super excited. Once I get some venison in our home, I hope to try this one out! Also, if that post wasn’t enough, I found this precious gem: a wild game recipe roundup with TONS of wild game recipes in one location! I bookmarked that one, and I plan to use it a lot!


My Favorite Health and Beauty Posts of the Week:

Let’s start out with my favorite posts on health. I found an excellent post on fevers and sickness that intrigued me and was also very helpful. I hope you check that out, as I hear colds/flus are making their rounds once again this week! I also loved this post on how to make an herbal infusion. I truly believe that everyone should make at least one herbal infusion in their lifetime. Herbal infusions are an excellent and cheap way to take care of your household’s needs and it also keeps us connected to the Ways of the Past as well as connected to Nature. 

There were also some excellent posts on beauty. I found an awesome and super simple DIY liquid foundation recipe. I think it would be fun to make and experiment with making my own makeup. This post seems like a good starting place. I also found this great post on DIY Lavender Bath Salts. Once I own a good bathtub again (sigh), I plan on taking at least one bath a week. There are some awesome relaxing bath salt recipes out there, like this one, as well as tons of detoxing bath recipes. 

Finally, I found a wonderful post on how to master your emotions. This seems like a wonderful, inspirational post for women and men alike. I myself am pretty good at mastering my emotions, but I know a lot of people who cannot seem to figure out how to control themselves. And I could always work even harder at mastering my own emotions as well. No one is perfect!


My Favorite Opinion/Personal Stories of the Week:

I will start with my favorite personal story of the week. Carly Shankman wrote a beautiful, tear-jerking post on her relationship with food throughout her life. I think this is an especially compelling post for any woman who has struggled with diets/food and media demands when it comes to a woman’s body. Please read this post and come back and tell me what you think.

I also found some intriguing opinion posts this week. I would love to know what you think of them. One post is about chlorine in our water system. I have read plenty of posts on the chlorine and fluoride in our water system in America, and it is a pretty controversial topic. After reading this post, what do you think about the topic now? Has your opinion changed or remained the same?


There you go! My favorite articles of the week. Do you think that I missed an important one? Which ones should I read for next week? Please feel free to leave suggested links in the comment section. They can be your favorite bloggers, your favorite articles past or present, or even a post from YOU! I love getting new reading material!


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