Goat Cheese Arugula Pizza

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It’s always nice to have a quick and easy meal for those busy and/or lazy days. Once Upon A Time, I would just pop a frozen pizza from the grocery store into the oven and that was that. However, a combination of absurdly-expensive frozen pizzas (that are also way small for the price) and my desire to eat more Real Food has led me to start making my own pizza

Making my own pizza has ended up being not only a perfect meal for busy/lazy days, but also a great way to connect with my husband over food. We have started a lovely tradition where we both choose toppings for our homemade pizza and we also make it together. Let’s face it: everyone likes different toppings on their pizza. My husband and I have found that making pizza together helps us chat about our days while compromising on toppings. The results are that we not only have lots of fun making our dinner together, but we also come up with some fun, creative pizza recipes.

One pizza invention we started making and loving was this one: a Goat Cheese Arugula Pizza. It combines the tartness of homemade pesto (check out this post for pesto recipe ideas) with the bitterness of arugula (you can easily grow your own) and the sweet/creamy taste of goat cheese. I love recipes that balance different types of tastes. 



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Do YOU make your own pizza at home?

**What are your favorite toppings for homemade pizza?**

**Don’t forget to check out my Pesto post to find some excellent and very creative ideas for making your own pesto, this will make your pizza even more delicious.

**Do you garden? If you do, you should consider growing your own arugula. Arugula is easy to grow, and using fresh arugula from your garden will make this amazing pizza even more incredible and tasty. While you are at it, you should also consider growing your own tomatoes.

**Making homemade pizza is the perfect way to use produce from your own garden!

Enjoy, and thanks for reading.



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