Herbal Teas for Insomnia


Herbal Teas for Insomnia

Use any of the following for insomnia (or combine some), simply make a tea and sip slowly 30 minutes before bed:

  • Valerian root (reduces tension and anxiety) (check out my post on Valerian for more info!)
  • Chamomile (reduces anxiety and promotes restful sleep) (click here for more info on Chamomile)
  • Catnip (reduces anxiety and promotes restful sleep) (learn more about Catnip here)
  • Passionflower (promotes calm and relaxation) (learn how to grow Passionflower here)
  • Lemon Balm (promotes calmness and reduces tension) (learn more about Lemon Balm here)


Infuse an herbal tea: boil water and pour over the selected herb(s). Let it steep for 20-25 minutes. Sweeten with raw honey or stevia to taste. One cup of water per 1-3 tbsp. of fresh herb(s) or 1-3 tsp. dried herb(s).

You can make a large batch of the tea and drink a cup of tea each night. The tea will stay good stored in the refrigerator for approx. 4 days.


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 Herbal Teas for Insomnia

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