How to Make an Herb Wreath


How to Make an Herb Wreath

How to Make an Herb Wreath

I’ve gotten a bit creative here at The Homestead Garden and I learned how to make an Herb Wreath.

My herb garden has been overflowing with abundance this year. Obviously, this is a wonderful blessing! It’s always good to have a plentiful harvest year (unlike the year before…). 

However, the weather is cooling off, and I know that many of my herbs will soon be snuggling down for the winter, to await the warmth of spring.

I hate seeing things in the garden go to waste, so I’ve been super busy harvesting and drying my herbs. But then I started to run out of places to dry them. I had herbs hanging in the laundry room, the pantry, the guest room closets, door knobs, cupboard handles…oy vey. It’s been crazy over here! If you’re having a bumper crop of herbs, too, you should also check out my post for how to make homemade Herbs de Provence salt.

Since I’ve got even more herbs that can be harvested in the garden, it seemed like a fun idea to get a bit creative with the excess herbs. With a plentiful harvest of herbs, making something cute and decorative like this herb wreath didn’t make me feel guilty.

How to Make an Herb Wreath


More about my herb wreath…

One of the coolest parts about making garden wreaths is that you can use almost anything you want from your herb garden and/or flower garden. Use all the creative artistic skills you possess to make some pretty wreaths! I added some pretty purple ribbon to mine, but that’s about as creative as I get.

Feel free to show off your garden wreaths to me! You can share them on my facebook page or add a link to your own website’s wreath post in the comments below to show off your pretty garden wreaths. I’d love some inspiration!

I used rosemary and lavender in my herb wreath. I was going to add sage, too, but I didn’t like the way it looked, so I just found one last empty door handle in the house to dry the sage. In folklore and historically, rosemary was often used for protection for the home. It seemed like the perfect symbolism to make a wall wreath for my home with a protective herb like rosemary. 

I added the lavender mainly because the leaves blend nicely with the rosemary, and it also added a few sprigs of pretty purple buds. In the future, I might make one with pineapple sage for those radiant red flowers. I’ve got lots of ideas for future wreaths. I’ll try to add new photos to this post from time to time. 

How to Make an Herb Wreath


There are so many awesome ways to use an herb wreath:

  • You can use it on a front door for decoration (though the sun will speed up how quickly it fades)
  • You can use it as a wall decoration in any room of your house
  • You can hang it in your kitchen and use it for both decoration and for quick access to fresh dried herbs from your garden
  • You can use it on your table as a centerpiece, maybe with a homemade candle in the middle.

I used it this time as a centerpiece on my dining table. Every time we eat dinner, there is a slight smell of rosemary in the air! I absolutely LOVE that. Next time, I’m going to hang it in my kitchen to be both pretty and practical.

How to Make an Herb Wreath


How to Make an Herb Wreath

Supplies for your herb wreath:


  1. Cut your chosen herbs and flowers in your garden on a dry day for the herb wreath. Take your time and enjoy some time in your garden.
  2. Gently brush bugs and dirt off of your chosen herbs and flowers (don’t wash them because we don’t want mold problems).
  3. Make a few practice displays along your grapevine wreath to figure out what you want to use and where to place them.
  4. One section at a time, start placing the herbs/flowers. Cut some green wire long enough to wrap around the wreath to hold the plants in place, and twist the wire a few times on the back side.
  5. Layer more and more herbs and flowers and continue to wrap wire in places to keep things sturdy. Add ribbons or other crafty decorations as well.
  6. Enjoy!

How to Make an Herb Wreath


I hope you enjoyed learning how to make an herb wreath!

Please tell me how you use excess herbs from your garden in the comments. I’m always looking for more inspiration!

How to Make an Herb Wreath



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