How to make Water Kefir

How to Make Water Kefir

As I mentioned in my 2015 Homestead Goals (click here for that post), I’m trying to get serious about my Water Kefir. 

Why water kefir? A few years back, my husband got terribly sick with some serious mystery illness; sick enough that we went to the hospital. The doctors were stumped and simply put him on some super-powerful antibiotics. Those antibiotics may have gotten rid of the mystery illness, but it left my poor hubby’s digestion in some terrible distress.

We tried probiotics in pill-form, but it didn’t help. Since natural remedies worked for my headaches, I started my research on figuring out what to do to help my husband recover. First, we tried kombucha. No offense to kombucha lovers out there, but I do NOT care for the taste. My husband didn’t either. So we started drinking water kefir. It’s fantastic! Water kefir is a tasty probiotic drink with loads of nutrients in it. We haven’t bought juice ever since we started drinking water kefir. 

One of the BEST parts about making my own water kefir is that it’s super cheap! After buying the original water kefir grains, I  need sugar and water and some frozen fruit to make delicious beverages. I usually need to add a few pieces of frozen fruit to my water kefir bottle to get a tasty fruity drink, so one bag of frozen fruit lasts forever!


I wrote my first guest post (woo hoo!) on How to Make Water Kefir at one of the coolest websites ever, Scratch Mommy. There are tons of amazing DIY posts as well as some tasty recipes over there, so make sure that after you learn how to make water kefir, you check out some of their other posts!


Do YOU drink Water Kefir? What is your favorite flavor combination? 

Click here to read my post at Scratch Mommy on How to Make Water Kefir


How to Make Water Kefir

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