Marsh Mallow

*Marsh Mallow (Althaea officinalis)

*Height of 3 to 4 feet
*Pale pink flowers bloom up the stalk from mid to late summer
*highly attractive to butterflies

Parts Used:
*roots, leaves, flowers, either fresh or dried

*well-drained, moist soil, preferably loamy soil
*sun to partial sun

*Use the cold stratification technique for several weeks. Sow the seeds outdoors in the spring.

*Stake the plants if needed
*Cut the plants down in late fall
*Deadhead the flowers throughout the season to promote new growth

*Gather flowers and leaves as required to use fresh or dried
*Dig up the roots in either spring or fall (after the flowers and leaves die back) and dry them. Do not dig up the roots until the plant is 2 years old
*Soak the roots (for usage) in cold water for 8 hours to increase medicinal chemicals

*The leaves and roots have a soothing effect and both are used to treat respiratory problems including coughs, bronchitis, and sore throats.
*The leaves and roots are also effective for stomach and intestinal problems
*They are also a healing benefit for dry skin and sunburn

*You can toss the flowers and also the leaves into salads
*You can steam the leaves and serve them as a vegetable
*You can boil and then fry the root and eat as a vegetable



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