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Hawthorn recipes for the Heart

Hawthorn Recipes for the Heart As previously mentioned (see: Hawthorn article), ripe Hawthorn berries are one of the best things for your heart. They help

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Herbal Teas for Insomnia

  Herbal Teas for Insomnia Use any of the following for insomnia (or combine some), simply make a tea and sip slowly 30 minutes before

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Medicinal Uses of Lemon Balm

  Lemon balm is medicinally amazing for tension, restlessness, anxiety, headaches, and depression. Lemon balm helps promote a calming and relaxing feeling, so it is

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Medicinal Recipe: Digestion

If you are having gastrointestinal problems, this is an excellent infused herbal tea to take to strengthen your digestion system: * Peppermint leaves (2 parts)

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