Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries Recipe

Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries Recipe

Do you have difficulties falling asleep at night? Good news, adult readers: this brandied berries and cherries recipe can help improve your sleep AND it is a tasty treat to enjoy right before bedtime.

Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries Recipe and Book Review

First, a brief Book Review…

I have fallen in love with my newest book: The Complete Guide to Adaptogens: From Ashwagandha to Rhodiola, Medicinal Herbs that Transform and Heal by Agatha Noveille. 

I’ve been a huge fan of Agatha’s website Indie Herbalist for a quite a while now, and we hang out in the same herb-loving circles on social media. So when I was given the opportunity to review her book The Complete Guide to Adaptogens, I was super excited. I confess that I was haunting our mailbox for the book to arrive.

What are adaptogens? 

Adaptogen herbs are herbs that “have been shown to have a gentle but measurable influence on immunity, sleep, stress levels, energy, and endurance.” (The Complete Guide to Adaptogens, pg. 9). 

So if you, like me, struggle with things like stress, energy, and sleep issues, adaptogen herbs are an amazing thing to research and start using. Adaptogens are becoming quite popular for a good reason!

Agatha’s book has a great chapter with basic information about adaptogens as well as a huge glossary chapter, which contains brief descriptions of all the adaptogen herbs. 

So if you want to learn more about adaptogen herbs, this book is a great resource, and it’s a great addition to any herbalist library.

Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries Recipe and Book Review

A bit more about this Book…

Let’s take an honest look at the pros and (a few) cons about this book, and then I’ll share the Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries recipe with you, which comes from this amazing book.

Why The Complete Guide to Adaptogens is SO awesome:

  • The Adaptogens Glossary:

I think one of the reasons that I love this book so much is that the glossary, which includes brief information about each adaptogen herb, also contains information on how to grow those herbs. Score!

I love herbal remedies, but I also love gardening (duh), so this book was extra awesome for including growing information. It’s also really handy to just grab this book, and page right to the glossary for some quick info on a particular herb.

  • Over 75 Creative Adaptogen Recipes: 

Wow! I poured over the recipes section of this book multiple times in the first week, almost overwhelmed (in a good way) with all of the recipes. I LOVE how many recipes there are in this book!

And they are some of the most creative herbal remedy recipes I have ever seen. I read LOTS of books and articles on herbal remedies, and after a while, I roll my eyes a bit at the same ole traditional recipes, like an elderberry syrup or fire cider recipe. However, almost every single recipe in this book was a totally new recipe for me. 

I can already tell that I will be reading this Complete Guide to Adaptogens book over and over for herbal remedy inspiration. I have no idea how Agatha Noveille came up with this many creative recipes, and I am in awe of her and her book because of it.

These awesome adaptogen recipes include: 

  • Recipes to Improve Your Sleep
  • Recipes to Improve Your Mood
  • Recipes to Improve Your Mental Focus
  • Recipes to Improve Your Immune Function
  • Recipes to Improve Your Energy and Stamina
  • Recipes to Support Women’s Health
  • Recipes to Support Men’s Health
  • Recipes to Improve Your Hair, Skin, and Nails

Yeah. That’s a lot of creative and wonderful recipes. So if you are looking for new and creative herb inspiration, check out this book!!!!

The Complete Guide to Adaptogens wish list:

I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect book, and since I’m making an honest book review here, I’ll mention my issues with the book, too.

I wish this book had more information, especially science/medical info. Granted, I am a researching nerd, and I almost always wish my books had more information for me, but it does seem like The Complete Guide to Adaptogens could have used some more information. I LOVE that the glossary is full of easy-to-read bulletpoint articles on each adaptogen, however, I also wish there was more data/facts there.

For example, the Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries recipe that I am sharing here (down below, I promise), starts with some brief information about how thyme is good for sleep and nerves, and so are the adaptogen dried schisandra berries. However, there is no mention about how good cherries are for sleep (here’s a great article about cherries for sleep). And when you go to the schisandra berries section in the glossary, I ended up wanting more information than the glossary section contained, so I searched the internet for more data on schisandra berries. I also searched the internet to learn more about the medicinal benefits of thyme.

I also wish there were more photos in the book. I love feeling inspired by looking at pretty pictures. I am sure I am not alone with that. This book has pictures, but every recipes doesn’t have a photo. The photos that ARE in this book as absolutly beautiful. I just selfishly wished that there were MORE pretty photos. That’s a pretty small thing to be picky about, but it felt weird only sharing one ‘wish list’ item. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, I love this book.

The Complete Guide to Adaptogens is an amazing resource for any herbalist, and also for anyone who wants to learn more about being self-sufficient with natural and homemade remedies.

Like most good books, it has you craving MORE: more information on adaptogens, more information on all herbs, etc. And, like most good books, The Complete Guide to Adaptogens will leave you feeling INSPIRED. There is seriously such a huge range of creative recipes that will keep you inspired for a long, long time.

I loved this book, and I hope you will, too. Click here to buy The Complete Guide to Adaptogens.

Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries Recipe and Book Review

Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries: My Final Thoughts

When I had to choose a recipe to include in my book review post, it was super tough! There were so many good recipes in this book to choose from. However, sleep issues are a big deal in my household, so I narrowed it down to the sleep recipes. And my friends and family know that I LOVE cherries. And my hubby knows that thyme is my favorite herb to grow in the garden. And who doesn’t like the idea of having brandy for “medicine”?!

So it was pretty darn obvious that I needed to choose this sleepytime brandied berries and cherries recipe to both make and share with you all. It was my destiny. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was unfamiliar with dried schisandra berries, which I purchased to make this recipe. When I bit into one of the berries, the taste was… interesting. It’s kinda sour and earthy, but I immediately could understand how the sweet/tart cherry and earthy thyme flavors would pair very well with the dried schisandra berries. 

Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries Recipe and Book Review

Sleepytime Brandied Berries and Cherries Recipe

Author Agatha Noveille’s Notes: These brandied cherries include the adaptogen schisandra. Thyme adds an unusual note to the brandied cherries, while having calming nervine properties of its own. Use a few cherries and schisandra berries at a time over desserts or added to yogurt for a bedtime snack. When the berries and cherries are all gone, use 1โ„2 teaspoon of the remaining liquid as an unusual evening elixir.
Even though itโ€™s usually thought of simply as a kitchen spice, thyme has an impressive number of herbal attributes. It offers support to the digestive system as a carminative (an herb that helps to soothe gas and bloating), and to the lungs as an antitussive and expectorant.
Thymeโ€™s history as a nervine is virtually unknown, but I find it particularly fascinating because of its affinity for the nervous system. At various points in history, it has been employed for everything from anxiety to epilepsy to paralysis to fainting. In sleep support formulas, it can be a good choice to promote relaxation from subconscious sources of tension and restlessness in someone who can be easily startled awake or who has nightmares.
  • 15 ounces frozen cherries (fresh are also nice, but remember to remove the pits and stems)
  • 1 ounce dried schisandra berries
  • 2 cups brandy
  • 1โ„2 cup granulated cane sugar
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
1. Pack the cherries and schisandra berries into a quart-sized canning jar or divide evenly into smaller jars.
2. Heat the brandy, sugar, and thyme in a medium saucepan over low heat until the sugar dissolves.
3. Pour the brandy and sugar mixture into the jars to cover the cherries. Place lids on the jars, and transfer to the fridge for at least 1 week. These brandied berries and cherries should keep indefinitely as long as they are kept covered by the brandy and sugar solution and refrigerated.

I hope you love The Complete Guide to Adaptogens like I do! 

Don’t forget to check out my Shop page to see a list of more of my favorite books (as well as links to my book reviews).

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Sleeptime Brandied Berries and Cherries Recipe and Book Review

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