St. John’s Wort

*St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

*best in zones 3-8
*famous as a depression remedy, though it does so much more than that…

Parts Used:
*Flowering tops, fresh only
*Some use a ratio of 70% fresh flower and 30% fresh leaf of the plant instead of only flowers

*easy to grow in well drained soil
*full sun to light shade

*propagate by seed: use cold stratification for 3-4 weeks and then either sow in seed flats or directly into soil (after frost danger is done)
*you can also propagate by root division in the spring and fall

*give the plant low to moderate watering
*it can be grown in containers but it is tall, so make sure the pot is large
*only feed with liquid fertilizer twice in the growing season or it will produce more leaves than flowers
*cut back after flowering to stop it from self-seeding, if desired

*harvest the flowering heads in early summer when the buds are beginning to open

*clearly, it is a famous medicinal plant for its aid in lessening depression
*it is also good for anxiety and nerves
*it is also an excellent remedy for bruises, sore muscles, and burns


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