Sweet Marjoram

*Sweet Marjoram (Origanum marjorana)

*best in zones 5-9
*from the Oregano family, I prefer the taste of Marjoram to Oregano, so I am posting information on this plant instead. Oregano grows in similar conditions as Marjoram, so you can use this information for your Oregano plant as well.

Parts Used:
*leaves and flowers, both fresh or dried

*full sun
*well-drained soil
*this plant grows well in stony places

*you may propagate from seed. First, use cold stratification for 1 week and then sow indoors in seed flats/trays. Make sure to heat the bottom of the trays at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
*you may also propagate from tip cuttings, make sure to use a liquid rooting hormone for best results

*once the plants are established, do not over-water them.
*cut back old growth in the spring
*this plant is very resistant to pests and diseases
*trim after flowering to prevent plants from becoming straggly

*can be harvested fresh as needed, but the flavor is enhanced if you dry it in bunches in a dark, dry, warm, well-ventilated place for several days. When dry and crisp, rub leaves off the steams and store in airtight containers

*an infusion of this herb is a remedy for fevers, coughs, colds, and flus.
*it also relieves flatulence, improves digestion, and treats intestinal infections
*Oregano is better than Marjoram for medicinal purposes, but Marjoram will help as well
*Chew a leaf for temporary relief from a toothache

*its’ aroma is damaged by heat, so use in uncooked or lightly cooked dishes or add it at the end of cooking
*Oregano can withstand heat better than Marjoram
*both go well with lemon, garlic, wine, meats, fish, salads, beans, tomato-based dishes, and sauces

*these plants look great in containers, but make sure not to over water
*marjoram can be grown indoors
*these plants can be grown in order to attract butterflies and bees


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