*Tarragon (Artemisa dracunculus)

*Culinary herb with exceptional flavor
*Also known as French Tarragon

Parts Used:
*Leaves, fresh or dried

*It is cold hardy and drought resistant and can grow in high summer temps.
*It is vulnerable to high humidity and is easily infected with fungal diseases.
*Avoid overwatering
*Best in full sun

*It rarely sets seed, especially in cooler climates
*It propagates best by tip cuttings in the spring and early fall
*It can also be propagated by root division: dig up underground runners in spring after frost. Place a small amount of the root with a growing nodule in a 3 inch pot and cover with compost. Place in a warm and well ventilated spot

*Regularly thin the plants by harvesting
*Remove any diseased branches
*Protect in the winter by covering with straw or mulch
*Renew the plants every 3 years because the flavor lessens over time *OR* dived and replant every 3 years
*It grows well in containers: Use a soil based compost mixed in equal parts with composted fine bark. Choose a large pot due to its’ root runners.
*It is suitable for growing indoors

*Harvest fresh leaves at any time except in the winter
*Harvest leaves for freezing in midsummer
*You can dry the leaves, but fresh is always best

*It was used in the past for medicinal purposes, but this is no longer the case

*The flavor diffuses rapidly through cooked dishes, so use carefully
*Use it fresh with fish, shellfish, turkey, chicken, game, veal, and egg dishes
*Use chopped leaves in salad dressings and sauces


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