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The Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide

If you’ve got an herbalist in your friends and family circle, and you need some ideas for what herbalist gifts to give them, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered together everything I could think of for the Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide. 

The Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide

Note: when make this herbalist gift guide, I was careful to be honest with my selections. Some of the websites and links are affiliate links (which help support my website if you purchase through it), but many of these links are just my favorite herbalist websites and companies with no affiliate connections at all. If I missed any of your favorites, please add it in the comments below and I’ll check it out and possibly add it to this list!

Gift Cards/Money for Their Favorite Herb Stores:

I’ve included this list of my favorite places to buy herbs for this herbalist gift guide. If at all possible, please remember to support local herb stores and apothecaries. However, I know that many small towns do not have these types of stores. In those cases, here are some of my favorite herb businesses.

Grab your beloved herbalists some gift cards or money set aside for these locations:

  • SeedsNOW (herbalists can buy medicinal and culinary herb seeds here for their gardens)
  • Richters Herbs (buy garden herb seeds here OR dried herbs, herbal oils, and herb books)
  • Strictly Medicinal Seeds (a great place to buy medicinal and culinary herb seeds for the garden)
  • Mountain Rose Herbs (your herb-lovers can buy dried herbs in bulk here, as well as teas, herbal extracts, capsules, herbal tools, etc.)
  • Mountain Rose Herbs (a popular website for purchasing dried herbs, teas, herbal creation ingredients, and more)
  • Bulk Herb Store (another great bulk herb store for dried herbs, teas, etc.)
  • Red Moon Herbs (a smaller company with herbs, extracts, salves, and other herbal goodies)

Herbal Kits and Subscription Boxes

If you are a beginner herbalist (or you are buying gifts for a budding herbalist) and you are overwhelmed about where to start when it comes to buy your own dried herbs, you can always get an herbal kit or subscription box to learn more about herbal remedy making! 

Here’s some great herbal kits:

  • Apothecary at Home Subscription always impresses me. Newbie herbalists are sent a different kit each month focusing on one herb or malady. 
  • Herbal Remedy Kit from Learning Herbs (a kit that teaches how to make 4 common natural remedies, comes with all the supplies)
  • The Herbal Starter Kit from The Herbal Academy (a HUGE herbal kit to make 22 recipes with ingredients, labels, bottles, etc.)

Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide: healing herbal infusions book coverHerbal Books and Magazine

There are SO many good herbal books out there, but for this herbalist gift guide, I tried to narrow it down to just a few of the most popular as well as my most-used and favorite herbal books. 

First, however, let me talk about the Plant Healer Magazine. The Plant Healer Magazine is my FAVORITE magazine. I look forward to every issue and I bet any herbalist in your life will be thrilled to get a yearly subscription to this awesome magazine. The magazine interviews all the big herbalists around, and they also have tons of beautiful stories, poems, photos, and research information on various herbs. There’s also plenty of herbal recipes scattered throughout, too! Click here to learn more about the Plant Healer Magazine and how to get a yearly subscription.

My Favorite Herb Books:

  1. Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health by Rosemary Gladstar (my FAVORITE herbal book of ALL time! Any book by Rosemary Gladstar is amazing and worthwhile for a budding herbalist gift).
  2. 101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home by Jan Berry (There are so many wonderful ideas for DIY products to make with herbs in this book! Read my book review for this book here).
  3. Healing Herbal Infusions: Simple and Effective Home Remedies by Colleen Codekas (My NEW favorite book for herbal remedies! Click here to read my book review).

The Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide: Tea and herbsHerbal Courses for More Learning

These are a bit more expensive as gifts for budding herbalists, but I thought I would mention them, too, because it’s not a proper herbalist gift guide without mentioning some herbal learning opportunities! Perhaps the whole family can go in on an awesome herbal course for a loved one. (hint, hint, my family….laugh!).

  • Herbal Courses from The Herbal Academy: There are many options here! Check them out and pick the best one for your herbalist. I recently took their Intermediate Herbal Course and I was super impressed with the knowledge I learned.
  • Online Herbal Immersion Program from Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine: I love this school, and I have taken many free little courses with them. I am currently taking their Medicine Making course and it’s amazing! They push you a bit with “homework” which I find very helpful for encouraging me to put my new herbal skills to good use.
  • The Science & Art of Herbalism Online/Printed Course from Rosemary Gladstar: I ADORE Rosemary Gladstar. I have taken a few courses and classes with her, as well as read all of her books. She is an incredible teacher and this is a highly recommended course by many herbalists!

Herbal Tools and Equipment

If you are not sure what books and courses your herbalist already owns, you can always get some generic tools and equipment as herbalist gifts. For example, there is no such thing as too many mason jars for an herbalist…just sayin’.

  • Mason Jars: you can’t go wrong with mason jars for gifts! Any size will do, from quart size to cute little jelly jars, which are perfect for making salves and lotions.
  • Mortar and Pestle: This is a lovely, traditional herbalist gift idea. It’s the perfect way to grind up herbs for teas and salves.
  • Tea Pot: Herbalists LOVE tea! The best type of tea pot to get is one that is best for infusing loose leaf tea. This tea pot, for example, looks amazing.
  • Herb Mugs: Perfect for drinking herbal tea! This herbal mug is super cute, but there are many options!
  • Assorted items: Collect random pretty glass jars of all sizes and shapes for your herbalist’s gifts. Also things like: good-quality cheesecloth, wire mesh strainer, spice grinder, labels, and more.

Creative Herbalist Gift Ideas

I came up with some more awesome gifts for this herbalist gift guide that I think your beloved herbalists will love! These ones are more creative or random, and should bring a smile:

The Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide: loose leaf herbs

Last Thoughts on Herbalist Gifts…

I think another awesome idea would be making DIY herbal gifts FOR your beloved herbalists friends/family. You could make a garden-inspired homemade Italian Seasoning spice blend for your culinary herbalists. You could make some Brandied Berries and Cherries for your adaptogen-herb-loving herbalists. Consider making some homemade Queen of Hungary Facial Toner for a lovely DIY beauty product. Need some more inspiration? Check out this list of 20 Homemade Herbal Gifts.

Whatever you decide to get/give/make, I hope this Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide has inspired you with new ideas! Let me know of any other herbalist gift ideas in the comments below!

The Ultimate Herbalist Gift Guide

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  1. Another seed company you might check out is Comstock Seeds. They focus on shrub, grass, and flower seed, both native and cultivars, suitable for the Western U.S.
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