The Amazing Benefits of Cod Liver Oil


Everywhere I go these days, I seem to talk to plenty of people who take fermented cod liver oil. I am embarrassed to say that a few years ago, I thought these people were just clinging to “old-fashioned” medicinal lore. However, as more and more people talked about how they take fermented cod liver oil, I knew I had to do some research on the topic. There is no way that people just take this stuff for the sake of tradition.

As I did research on the topic, I have come to realize that fermented cod liver oil is very good for me.

What I have Learned about Cod Liver Oil:


(1). Fermented cod liver oil is better than normal cod liver oil.

**This is because fermented cod liver oil has been extracted without heat. Since it does not use heat, it retains more nutrients, omega fatty acids, and is richer in vitamins A,D,E, and K. In addition, fermented foods are better for your digestive system. For more information on why fermented cod liver oil is better for you, check out this amazing article by Oh Lardy.


(2). Fermented cod liver oil is an incredibly rich source of vitamins A and D.

**In our modern diets and lifestyles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the optimal levels of both vitamin A and D. For example, a huge majority of Americans are deficient in vitamin D. There are two good sources for more vitamin D. First, there is the sun. If you can get at least 20 minutes of sunlight on you every day without using  sunscreen, you are getting a good amount of vitamin D. This is difficult to do for most of us. The other good source of vitamin D is fermented cod liver oil. Vitamin A is also very important for our bodies and cod liver oil is loaded with this important vitamin as well. For more information on fermented cod liver oil and their amazing nutrients and vitamins, check out this helpful article by Thank Your Body.

(3). Fermented cod liver oil helps keep you healthy.

**First and foremost, it is one of the best things to take if you do not want to get sick. Since it is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins, it helps keep your immune system strong. Check out this amazing article by LA Healthy Living to learn more about fermented cod liver oil’s benefits to your immune system.

**Aside from helping your immune system, fermented cod liver oil is believed to reduce your risk for heart attacks as well as relieve the inflammation from arthritis.

(4). It’s not just good for you, it’s good for your pets!

**The amazing benefits of fermented cod liver oil help not only you, but your dogs. Check out this super informative post by PV Nutritional Therapy for more details.


My Conclusion

**After learning about the amazing qualities of fermented cod liver oil, I am ready to start adding this to my diet. However, I have tried cod liver oil in the past and found that tasting it made me gag.

**Fortunately, I have found a few amazing companies that have flavored options that I am excited to try out. These cod liver oil capsules are just plain and this one is orange-flavored. Both are fermented cod liver oil forms. If you are going to give the cod liver oil to your pets, the liquid form might be the way to go, as you can add it to their food.


**Do YOU use Cod Liver Oil for you and your household? Please feel free to add comments/questions below!




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