*Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

*sun loving perennial
*includes 350 species (such as lemon thyme)
*best in zones 5-9
*bees love thyme, so plant if you are trying to encourage bees in your area

Parts Used:
*leaves, both fresh or dried

*good draining soil, best if the soil is somewhat dry (the richer the soil, the less flavor in the leaves)
*full sun to partial shade (best in full sun)

*you can propagate from seed: use cold stratification first, then either directly sow into garden or raise in seed trays indoors, though this needs to be kept warm (60-70degrees F) and rarely watered
*you can also propagate from cuttings, use a rooting hormone for best results
*you can also propagate from division
*lemon thyme must be propagated by cuttings only

*weed regularly
*there are no significant problems with pests
*the plant will rot if it becomes too wet in a cold winter, so protect it
*these are really drought-loving plants that need little watering or maintenance
*trim after flowering to promote new growth and to stop the plant from getting straggly

*easily air-dry the plant out of direct sunlight and it retains its flavor
*it is an evergreen and can be picked fresh all year round if you are not too greedy
*for drying, pick before it flowers

*the plant has a muscle relaxant effect and an ability to thin mucus in the lungs. Thus, it is a great remedy for respiratory conditions, colds, and flus.
*it also alleviates symptoms of indigestion, gas, bloating, gastrointestinal infections, and cramps
*infuse as a tea for digestion and also for hangovers from drinking too much alcohol
*sweeten the tea with honey and it will aid coughs, colds, and sore throats

*emits a warm, pleasant aroma that is quite popular in cooking
*it is great in slow-cooking casseroles that contain meat
*it is great with onion, garlic, and red wine recipes, jambalaya/gumbo, tomato dishes, marinades, vegetable soups, etc.


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