*Vervain (Verbena officinalis)

*best in zones 5-9
*grows up to 4 feet tall
*famous for helping with stress

Parts Used:
*flowering aerial parts, fresh or dried

*grow plants 1 foot apart because they slowly fill in space
*full sun to light shade
*well-drained soil

*propagate from seed: use cold stratification for 1-2 weeks, then sow indoors in seed trays/flats. Transplant outdoors in late spring. Germination is erratic and can take up to 4 weeks

flowering aerial part

*easy going plant, simply must be weeded often
*give low to moderate amounts of water

*harvest flowering aerial parts from mid to late summer, if drying them, store in airtight containers
*you can easily dry by cutting the whole plant when in bloom and drying hung upside down in dry, warm, well-ventilated dark place

*has a calming and restorative effect on the nervous system
*uplifts the mood: great for depression
*can relieve nervous exhaustion
*great supportive remedy for tension and stress
*highly effective for those who feel miserable and fatigued during recovery from feverish illnesses such as the flu
*can reduce cramps and period pains
*regarded as a liver remedy


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