35+ Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno Harvest

35+ Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno Harvest

Are you staring at a huge jalapeno harvest from your garden (or serrano peppers or similar hot peppers)? Concerned that you have too many jalapenos? No worries, I’ve got you covered. 

I’ve gathered together a list of over 35 ways to use a huge jalapeno harvest. Besides a few of these recipes only using 2-3 jalapenos (or serranos, etc.), I focused as much as possible on finding recipes that used TONS of jalapenos so you can really make sure to use up as much of your huge jalapeno harvest as possible.

35+ Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno HarvestWhen I’m Overwhelmed with a Huge Jalapeno Harvest…

It happens every year: I’m starting at baskets and baskets of jalapenos (or other hot peppers, like serrano peppers) from my garden. And I start to panic.

I start peppers from seed indoors starting in January, and after all that hard work of keeping these precious plants alive for all of these months, I do NOT want a single pepper to go to waste or become rotten before I can use them.

At the same time, I’m super busy with the garden harvest and weeding and starting my fall garden, and I never have the spare time to sit down and research what to do with my huge jalapeno harvest…until now. After all, I can’t keep making only my favorite chili recipe and jalapeno poppers whenever I have too many jalapenos. I needed some more ideas on hand!

I made this list of ways to preserve and use jalapenos so that in the future, I can just pull this post up and become inspired in the kitchen. If you are like me, and you’ve got a huge harvest of hot peppers that need to be used ASAP, you can always pin this post for the future!

About these Jalapeno Recipes…

Some of these jalapeno recipes can be canned and/or preserved for the upcoming winter months and some of these recipes will simply make some delicious sauces/etc. for immediate use in your favorite recipes.

NOTE: Serrano and Jalapeno peppers are quite similar to each other in size, color, and texture. In theory, serrano peppers are spicier than jalapenos, though that is not always the case. So feel free to use either serrano OR jalapeno peppers in any of these recipes (or another hot pepper that is similar to these). Learn more about the varieties of peppers in this post.

I’ve categorized these jalapeno recipes into: salsas, hot sauces, milder sauces, jams/jelly, pickled, and dehydrated.


Jalapeno Salsa Recipes

One of the BEST ways to use a huge jalapeno harvest is by making salsa! Here are a few creative and delicious jalapeno salsa recipes that will make everyone in your household happy:

Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno Harvest: Homemade Salsa

1. My Favorite Homemade Salsa Recipe from The Homestead Garden

This salsa recipe is a GREAT way to use up a bunch of assorted peppers from the garden. I LOVE this salsa recipe so much. I love that it is very chunky and not “pureed tomatoes” like a lot of homemade salsa recipes. 

2. Green Tomato Jalapeno Salsa Recipe from The Creekside Cook

This green tomato jalapeno salsa recipe seems like the perfect way to use up jalapenos at the END of harvest season, along with any green tomatoes on the vine that didn’t get a chance to ripen before a frost warning. Or, if you simply like the taste of green tomatoes, I bet this salsa recipe will make you smile.

3. Copycat Chipotle Tomatillo Salsa Verde Recipe from Thrify DIY Diva

If you like Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant’s salsa verde, supposedly this recipe tastes like that. I don’t think I’ve eaten at Chipotle’s before, so I have no idea if this tastes like that recipe. It focuses on tomatillos, but there are at least 4 serrano (or jalapeno) peppers in it, too. I would probably spice it up a bit and add at least 6 jalapeno or serrano peppers instead of 4. :)

4. Creamy Jalapeno Salsa Recipe from Mexico in My Kitchen

This is a super pureed salsa recipe, and it looks a lot more like a sauce for tacos than a salsa for dipping chips. However, it also sounds really really good. I keep thinking about how delicious this would be on tacos or enchiladas and I can even imagine dipping chips in it. Plus, this creamy jalapeno salsa recipe uses at least 8 jalapenos (I would probably double the recipe). Score!

Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno Harvest: cranberry apple jalapeno salsa

5. Cranberry Apple & Jalapeno Salsa Recipe from Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

I LOVE the idea of making a unique and pretty salsa like this cranberry apple salsa recipe! This recipe only uses two jalapenos, but I HAD to add it to this list because it is so unique sounding! Also, I would probably add 3-4 jalapenos to make it a bit spicier. Show off to your friends and family hile using up your huge jalapeno harvest with this pretty salsa recipe!

6. My Favorite Mango Salsa Recipe from The Homestead Garden

I just HAD to include my favorite mango salsa recipe. Granted, it only uses 3 jalapenos, but it is so darn colorful and delicious that I had to include it in this list of salsas. :) I love to make both my favorite salsa (#1 in this post) and this mango salsa at the same time. The colors compliment each other, and people who don’t like spicy food still enjoy this mango salsa. I like to snarf down BOTH of them at these parties. ;)

Jalapeno Hot Sauce Recipes

Another greay way to use a huge jalapeno harvest is by making your own hot sauce! I’m addicted to hot sauce on chicken wings, and it can be really fun to try different sauce recipes (anyone else watch Hot Ones on YouTube?! I love that show!). And of course, homemade hot sauces are often way tastier than store-bought ones, so I’m pretty excited about this jalapeno hot sauce list!

Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno Harvest: roasted jalapeno pepper hot sauce

7. Roasted Red Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce Recipe from Chili Pepper Madness

I love how this hot sauce recipe uses red jalapenos (that are just jalapenos that are ripened to red on the vine) and also adds tomato sauce to make a red hot sauce. This was one of very few hot sauce recipes that I found that used tomato sauce in it, which makes sense to me, as a way to thicken it and add another complex taste to the hot sauce. Can’t wait to try this!

8. Killer Hot Sauce in 20 Minutes from Brown Thumb Mama

This hot sauce recipe uses only 4 simple ingredients, mainly hot peppers of your choice, and it also uses hot peppers that have been charred on the stove. It’s a really nice basic recipe that would be great on it’s own and also lots of fun to tinker with.

9. Homemade Green Tobasco Sauce from The View from Great Island

It was hard to find green hot sauces to add to this list, but this is a great one! I love how this recipe uses specifically serrano peppers, which apparently, not many people like to use, especially when compared to jalapenos. However, you can switch the serranos with jalapenos easily in this recipe, too. 

10. Fermented Jalapeno Hot Sauce Recipe from The Fermentation Podcast

I HAD to include this recipe because I love how it includes loads of tips for how to make your hot sauce recipe unique, like adding liquid smoke for a smoky taste, etc. Even if you choose a different hot sauce recipe base from this list to make, I suggest checking out these tips! This recipe does take a while to make: first you make fermented peppers, which takes anywhere from 1 week to a month to make, and THEN you make the hot sauce. Yum!

Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno Harvest: shredded serrano garlic hot sauce11. Shredded Serrano-Garlic Hot Sauce Recipe from Glue & Glitter

I’m not entirely sure that this recipe is really a “hot sauce” instead of simply a tasty salsa, but I am still intrigued by it! This recipe uses rice vinegar in it, which I haven’t seen in a hot sauce recipe before, but I bet that is a tasty addition. It’s another rare recipe that loves on serranos, which makes me super happy, since I love them so much. Again, though, you can use jalapenos instead! So if you want a super chunky hot sauce, check this one out!

12. Roasted Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce Recipe from Grow a Good Life

This recipe once again showcases red jalapenos (jalapenos that have been ripened all the way to red on the vine). I like how this one doesn’t have the time-consuming charring of peppers, but instead you roast the hot peppers in the oven (something you can put in and forget about for 20 minutes). It also includes lime juice, which seems like a great unique flavor addition.

13. Fire-Roasted Jalapeno Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe from Homestead Honey

This recipe is pretty cool, because it starts with burning hot peppers in a pizza oven (you could also do this over a fire). I love the idea of using traditionally charred peppers! You then ferment the whole fire-roasted peppers with some garlic for a few weeks. THEN you make the hot sauce. Yum! It might be time-consuming, but I really love the ideas behind this very traditional hot sauce recipe.

14. Charred Serrano Hot Sauce Recipe from La Pina en la Cocina

You have to scroll halfway down this post to find the serrano hot sauce recipe, but that’s okay, because this whole post is FULL of awesome and unique hot sauce recipes! Score! This recipe includes charred serranos, limes, and tomatillos for another completed different hot sauce recipe. 

Jalapeno Milder Sauces Recipes

Another way to use a huge jalapeno harvest is by making some milder sauces. I say “milder” not “mild”, because I’m not sure you can even make a mild sauce with hot peppers in it. ;)

Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno Harvest: Jalapeno Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

15. Jalapeno Chimichurri Sauce Recipe from A Fork’s Tale

I LOVE chimichurri sauce: it makes a great marinade for steak, which you can then use for steak tacos. Mmm….and what could be better for steak tacos than a spicy bite from jalapenos? Nothing. Nothing at all…

16. Spicy Arugula Pesto Recipe from Chef de Home

WOW, I was super excited to find this recipe! It’s no secret here that I LOVE arugula and I LOVE pesto recipes. So it made me pretty darn happy to find an arugula pesto recipe that also includes jalapenos! I would use at least one whole jalapeno in this recipe, maybe even two. I can’t wait to try this on chicken!

17. Cilantro Serrano Cream Sauce from Rebooted Mom

The description of this sauce say it’s great on fish tacos. Since my hubby loves fish tacos, we are totally going to try this recipe soon! I would probably add *one* more serrano (so 4 total) in this recipe too, since I love spicy foods.

18. Serrano and Garlic Aioli Recipe from Homemade Mommy

This is a fascinating recipe, because it looks creamy, like it would contain avocado in it or something, however, it is an emulsion that makes the simple ingredients of serranos, garlic, and olive oil look creamy. The garlic and olive oil also keep it from being too spicy, too. This would be great on tacos or chicken!

Jalapeno Jams and Jelly Recipes

A fun and unique way to use a huge jalapeno harvest is by making some jam and jelly recipes. There are SO many tasty recipes to try! They are great on pork or other meats as well as on bread or crackers. I especially love cream cheese spread on crackers with a dab of spicy pepper jam on top. Yum.

ways to use a huge jalapeno harvest: jalapeno red pepper jelly

19. Jalapeno Red Pepper Jelly Recipe from Family Food Garden

This is a really cool recipe. I love that it’s dyed red naturally with cranberries, which also adds pectin to the recipe. It’s also a non-chunky jelly option, which is harder to find for a pepper jelly/jam. This pretty jelly would make a great gift!

20. Serrano Pepper Jelly Recipe from Marin Homestead

This is another very pretty jelly recipe. It has chunks in it, and it looks golden with flecks of peppers in it. Can’t wait to try this one!

21. Honey-Sweetened Jalapeno Jelly Recipe from An Oregon Cottage

I LOVE using honey-sweetened jam recipes because it helps me avoid too much sugar in my food. So I was pretty darn excited to find a honey-sweetened pepper jelly recipe. This recipe also uses a mix of jalapeno peppers and anaheim peppers, which is another favorite hot pepper of mine.

22. Blackberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Recipe from Southern Made Simple

It’s always exciting for me when I find unique recipes, and a combination of blackberries and jalapenos sounds so cool! The author suggests making a peanut butter jelly sandwich with it – which sounds awesome!

23. Jalapeno Plum Jam Recipe from Mom’s Lifeboat

This is a fun combination of pureed plums and jalapeno peppers. So cool! It does use a lot of sugar, but jelly and jam recipes often do, for pectin reasons. 

24. Cranberry Jalapeno Jam Recipe from My Turn For Us

This seems like the perfect bright red jam to serve as an appetizer at Christmas. I don’t think my jalapenos will stay fresh that long though…hmm…I love cranberries, so this jam looks great!

25. Peach Jalapeno Jam Recipe from Recipes Food and Cooking

This is another jam recipe with lots of sugar. It also only uses a few jalapenos, which I would probably double. However, I couldn’t resist adding another fruit and spicy pepper combination on this list. :)

26. Jalapeno Pepper Jam Recipe from My Kitchen Addiction

I love that this jalapeno pepper jam recipe contains both red and green peppers, so that it has a very pretty and colorful look to it!

Pickled Jalapeno Recipes

Here’s another classic way to use a huge jalapeno harvest: by making pickled jalapenos! I LOVE pickled jalapenos on nachos, tacos, pizza, subs and sandwiches, homemade queso dips…yeah, they are a commonly used item in our house! All of these pickled jalapeno recipes are slightly different from each other, so there’s lots of options!

Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno Harvest: Quick Pickled Jalapenos Recipe

27. Quick Pickled Jalapenos Recipe from The Homestead Garden

This is my favorite pickled jalapeno recipe. It only takes 15 minutes to cook, and the recipe includes garlic and some herbs, so it’s got some great additional flavors in it. It looks like the jars of pickled jalpenos from the store, but they are actually delightfully spicy, instead of tastless like store-bought ones.

28. Lacto-Fermented Jalapeno Peppers Recipe from Prepare & Nourish

This is a very simple fermented jalapeno recipe. You need: water, salt, and jalepenos. That’s it! It takes 2-4 weeks for them to become properly fermented though, so this isn’t a “quick fix” recipe.

29. Pickled Serrano Peppers from Homestead Lifestyle

This interesting pickled jalapeno recipe uses pickling spices, which sounds intriguing to me. It also starts with boiling the peppers whole in water before slicing them and adding them to the jars. 

30. Fermented Preserved Jalapenos Recipe from Reformation Acres

Unlike the Lacto-Fermented recipe mentioned above (#28), this fermented jalepeno recipe uses whey. It also only takes 1 week to ferment. 

31. Mexican Pickled Jalapenos Recipe from Isabel Eats

This pickled jalapeno recipe includes carrots and onions, which looks really pretty. I am curious about this recipe and I can’t wait to try it! I bet the pickled carrots have a spicy bite to them.

32. Candied Jalapenos Recipe from Frugal Living NW

This recipe has sugar in it, so the jalapenos are sweeter. This is the perfect pickled jalapeno recipe for people who don’t want things too spicy!

33. Bread and Butter Jalapeno Pickles Recipe from Happier Than a Pig in Mud

With the membranes and seeds out, this bread and butter jalepeno recipe is quite mild. Perfect for bread and butter pickle lovers that also like spice!

34. Zesty Pickled Jalapeno Relish Recipe from Reformation Acres

I am super excited about this recipe! Reformation Acres uses this relish recipe instead of pickled cucumber relish. That sounds fantastic!

Finally…You Can Dehydrate Your Jalapenos

If you need even more ways to use a huge jalapeno harvest, you can always simply dehydrate them! After you dehydrate them, you can grind your dried jalapenos and use in recipes that call for cayenne pepper, or make homemade taco seasoning or chili powder with it.

35. Learn How to Dehydrate Jalapenos from Brown Thumb Mama

I liked the simple directions mentioned in this post, so I just had to include it. Make sure you dehydrate them outside on a porch, as the smell can make your eyes water.

Conclusion: There’s No Such Thing as “Too Many” Jalapenos

Whew. I hope these multiple ways to use a huge jalapeno harvest inspire you in the kitchen and in your garden. There really is no reason that your jalapenos should be wasted going rotten in the kitchen. Some of these recipes take hardly any effort at all, and the fancy ones are unique and delicious, for either you or as gifts for your family and friends.

What are YOUR favorite ways to use a huge jalapeno harvest? Tell me in the comments!

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35+ Ways to Use a Huge Jalapeno Harvest (or serranos or other similar hot peppers)

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